Poultry Sense Solutions

Discover how this technology can inform on-farm decisions and enhance supply chain visibility

How does Poultry Sense work?

Real Time

Real-time data is collected reliably through proven IoT hardware


The gateway collates real-time data and shares this information via the cloud application

Poultry Software

Data is displayed visually in the Poultry Sense software with artificial intelligence designed to help provide insights and learnings from the data

Sense Analytics

Vets interpret the data and communicate the Sense analytics

The Poultry Sense technology

Poultry Sense hardware

Real TimeThe hardware solutions – capturing real-time data…

Sense node A market leading, wireless, battery powered sensor able to provide temperature and humidity data

Sense node+ A next generation, lowcost rechargeable wireless sensor able to measure various environmental parameters such as air pressure, humidity, temperature and CO2

Water sense+ An ultrasonic water meter for precise recording of water consumption in all systems

Weigh sense+ A wireless, portable floor mounted weigh platform that is cellular and LoRa enabled providing accurate real-time bird weights

The gateway – transmitting real-time data via LoRaWAN enabled devices

Scalable LoRaWAN Gateway for Outdoor Deployments


Kona Macro IoT gateway

Enterprise LoRaWAN Gateway for Mission Critical Deployments

KONA Micro IoT Gateway

KONA Micro IoT Gateway

Poultry Technology

Sense analyticsThe software solutions providing real-time data and sense analytics…

The gateway A cost effective, long-range connectivity solution transmitting real-time data

The network A long-range wide area network providing a cost effective, secure, low power solution for wirelessly connecting gateways and devices securely

Poultry Sense software This platform showcases real-time data visually offering live, valuable insights through learning algorithms

Sense analytics Communicating vet interpreted data, delivering a complete insight-based solution to farmers and the supply chain to help inform decision making

Poultry Sense software – showcasing real-time data visually

Poultry Farm Software

Poultry Sense IoT

Poultry Farm Software

Poultry Sense Analytics

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